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The first Annual Symposium was organised on 22nd November 2007.


(From L to R ) Prof Dr.PVA Mohandas, Prof.Dr.Med Simon Philipp Hoerstrup, Prof Dr Omana Trentz and Prof Dr Med otMar Trendz.

MIOT Institute of Research (MIR) held a symposium on stem cell-based regenerative therapy on November 22 at the MIOT Auditorium, MIOT Hospitals.The symposium kick started with a welcome speech by Prof Dr PVA Mohandas, followed by an overview of regenerative therapy by Prof Dr Med Simon Philipp Hoerstrup, Director, Cardiovascular Surgery Research, University Hospital, Zurich, Switzerland. Prof Dr Omana Trentz, Director, MIOT Institute of Research, and Former Chief of Osteogenesis Laboratory and Bone Research, University Hospital, Zurich, Switzerland, made a presentation on MIR research activities in stem cell and Prof Dr Med Otmar Trentz, Director Trauma Surgery, University Hospital, Zurich, Switzerland spoke about clinical applications.The symposium concluded with a panel discussion chaired by Prof Dr Hoerstrup.

The 2nd National Symposium on Stem Cell Based Regenerative Medicine has been planned on 20th November 2008..